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About this site

The purpose of this site is to help you to find the right Mac for your needs. Firstly we help you decide which is the right product for you and then secondly we help you to find a good deal and buy it.

We explain the different Mac models and give you an indication of typical new and used prices for each, and we also guide you through the decision-making process to help you to choose the right Mac for you.

You should then have a good idea what you are looking for and some idea of prices, for both new and used Macs of that type. Armed with this information you're now in a position to look at the Macs currently for sale and find yourself a good deal. The keys to a successful purchase are firstly to be well-informed and secondly to find the best deals. That is exactly what this site does for you.

The products for sale on this site come from The AppleStore (Apple's own online store) for new Macs, and from eBay for both new and used Macs as we believe that these are the best two places to find good deals on new or used Macs. They are where we go ourselves when we need to buy more equipment.

In buying from the AppleStore you have the security of buying direct from the manufacturer with high levels of customer service and security, but of course (apart from occasional refubished sales) they only sell new products. When it comes to buying secondhand or finding an alternative cheap source for new products, eBay also offers a superb, safe buying experience. The eBay system with it's seller reputations and buyer protection means you can buy with confidence whether it's from a professional merchant or from a private individual selling a cherished and well looked-after Mac that you can snap up for a bargain price.

We have helped hundreds of people to buy Macs in this way over the last few years and we hope we can help you too. Please let us know how you get on. We are are always very interested to hear your experiences whether they are good or bad so we can improve our service.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Do you know what you're talking about - can I trust your advice?
Absolutely! We have been an Apple Authorised Reseller, selling and supporting Macs ourselves since 1991. Over that time we have setup, installed and supported many hundreds of Macs running all sorts of applications and we built an excellent reputation for customer service, technical expertise and friendly advice. We no longer sell Macs ourselves but we still help people to choose and find the right product.

If you don't sell anything yourself how do you make any money?
Well we do other things as well as this so this is really an ancillary service but if you use this site and then as a result buy something from eBay or the AppleStore, they may pay us a small commission as a thank you for introducing you to them. You don't pay for this, it comes out of their costs. We are a free service - you don't pay any more if you come from this site. After all, we aim to save you money not cost you money!

Why don't I just go to eBay myself and search for what I want?
Our search pages use a unique searching system that we developed ourselves to show you the most relevant products. If you just search directly on eBay you will probably have to trawl through lots of things that aren't what you're looking for (and we do mean lots!) in order to find what you are looking for. Our searching technology does that for you and saves you time and frustration. Ultimately you can still trawl through all the listings once you get onto eBay but our aim is to make your initial search much quicker and easier so you can find what you're looking for. After that it's up to you.