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iMac - find the best deals on an Apple iMac


What is an iMac?

The iMac is an all in one desktop computer aimed by Apple at home users but sufficiently powerful to be suitable for business and professional users too. Although low cost and designed to be easy to use, these are powerful computers with fast Quad-Core Intel Core i5 processors and up to 1TB of disk storage and 8GB of RAM.

iMacs are well equipped for expansion and connection with Thunderbolt, FireWire 800, USB 2.0 and 1000Base-T ports, Wi-Fi, and wireless keyboard & mouse. The all-in-one design makes them ideal for home use or where space is at a premium but aside from the practical benefits, the latest iMacs look simply gorgeous! The model with the 27" screen is great for watching movies etc., but for this business user it allows you to have several documents open at once side-by-side and is great for huge spreadsheets. This is the only Mac most people will need - for home, work or both.

Latest deals we've found on new iMacs:

APPLE iMac 21.5" (2017) - Currys

Buy APPLE iMac 21.5" (2017) - Currys

NEW Apple iMac 27" 5K 2019 6C i5 3.1/4.3GHz 16GB 1TB Fusion 4GB 575X - Pristine

Buy NEW Apple iMac 27" 5K 2019 6C i5 3.1/4.3GHz 16GB 1TB Fusion 4GB 575X - Pristine

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Secondhand iMac Desktops

We have also searched eBay to find the best deals on secondhand iMacs. These may include some refurbished and nearly new items, as well as secondhand. You will find some iMac bargains here...

Apple iMac 3.4 Ghz Intel iCore i7 (2011)

Apple iMac 3.4 Ghz Intel iCore i7 (2011) picture
Sale ends 14h 44mins

Apple iMac late 2009 21.5 + Magic Mouse 2

Apple iMac late 2009 21.5 + Magic Mouse 2 picture
Sale ends 13h 50mins

apple imac 27 inch Mid 2010

apple imac 27 inch Mid 2010 picture
Sale ends 14h

imac 27 2011 i3

imac 27 2011 i3 picture
Sale ends 15h 32mins
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Should I buy one?

ProsConsAlso consider
  • Powerful, well specified with a range to suit all budgets. Excellent price/performance.
  • It's a Mac! Easy and enjoyable to use
  • Beautiful design with wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Very few!
  • Range starts at £1,000 which may exclude some people
  • MacBook series if you need portability
  • Mac Pro if you need ultimate power and expandability

What do I need to know?

All Macs share many of the same features, and are available in a range of different specifications and prices so several different models may be suitable for your requirements - they all run the same software and do more or less the same thing, so how do you decide which is the right one? We've put together a couple of guides to help you. Read our guide to the different Mac models and our tips on how to choose the right used Mac to help you decide what you need.

Where can I buy one?

There are many places you can buy an iMac - specialist resellers such as MacWarehouse and PC World, leading internet retailers Amazon and eBay and also an ever increasing number of high street retailers such as Currys, Dixons, Saverstore and John Lewis who also sell the iMac. We have put together an iMac price comparison page checking prices from all these sources to find the best deals for you.

What about secondhand iMacs?

Secondhand can be an attractive option, saving you the initial depreciation that happens as soon as you open the box, and if you buy a fairly new secondhand one, all the manufacturer's warranty will still be in place so you will be fully covered in the event of any faults. If you're prepared to go slightly older, you can often pick up some real bargains with last year's model going for a fraction of it's original price. eBay is of course one of the best places to find secondhand iMac bargains and we have created a page that searches eBay for you to find the best deals on secondhand iMacs for sale. Our unique filtering system trawls through the eBay database selecting only the most relevant offers and best deals to save you time.

More information

For more detailed information about the iMac including it's technology, history and specifications there is a great iMac article on Wikipedia.