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Mac - find the best deals on an Apple Mac


What is a Mac?

Mac or Macintosh is a generic name for a range of desktop & laptop computers from Apple that has been around since 1984, pre-dating the PC and Windows by some time. With the Macintosh, Apple set out to create a truly personal computer that was designed to be not only easy, but also enjoyable to use. In time Windows replicated many of the features of the Mac system that Apple pioneered but it has never managed to inspire quite the same degree of passionate loyalty amongst it's users that the Mac has done. In the early years, Apple Macs tended to be used most in the graphic design, print and creative industries and to this day they are still market leaders in this sector, however in recent years Apple computers have broadened out into the mainstream through products such as the iMac and the MacBook range of laptops. Compatibility with PCs/Windows is now excellent

Latest deals we've found on new Apple Macs:

APPLE Mac Mini (2020) M1 256GB SSD - Currys

Buy APPLE Mac Mini (2020) M1 256GB SSD - Currys

Apple Mac Mini 256GB 8 GB RAM 2020 Silver

Buy Apple Mac Mini 256GB 8 GB RAM 2020 Silver

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Secondhand Macs for sale

We have also searched eBay to find the best deals on secondhand Macs. These may include some refurbished and nearly new items, as well as secondhand. You will find some Mac bargains here...

mac mini 2014 8gb

mac mini 2014 8gb picture
Sale ends 16h 27mins

Apple Mac mini A1347 Desktop - MD389B/A (October, 2012)

Apple Mac mini A1347 Desktop - MD389B/A (October, 2012) picture
Sale ends 11h 52mins

Mac Pro Mid 2010 5.1 2x 2.4ghz Quad Core Xeon 4gb 2tb MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave

Mac Pro Mid 2010 5.1 2x 2.4ghz Quad Core Xeon 4gb 2tb MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave picture
Sale ends 21h 23mins

Apple Mac Pro 1.1 - 2 x 2.66ghz Intel DUAL CORE - 8GB RAM

Apple Mac Pro 1.1 - 2 x 2.66ghz Intel DUAL CORE - 8GB RAM picture
Sale ends 10h 57mins
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Should I buy one?

ProsConsAlso consider
  • Powerful computers that are easy and enjoyable to use
  • Wide range of desktops and laptops to suit all needs and budgets
  • Stunning Apple design and innovation throughout
  • Slightly more expensive than a Windows PC of the same spec
  • Entry price a little high which may exclude some people
  • If you want a Mac and buy into the whole Apple ethos then there really is no alternative in the PC world!
  • iPad if your main needs are for an internet/media platform rather than a traditional computer

What do I need to know?

All the different Apple Mac computers share many of the same features, and all are available in a range of different specifications and prices. There is a good chance that several different models would be suitable for your requirements - they all run the same software and do more or less the same thing, so how do you decide which is the right one for you? Which Apple Mac should you buy - an Mac or a Mac Pro, a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro? We've put together a couple of guides to help you. Read our guide to the different Mac models and our tips on how to choose the right used Mac to help you decide what you need.

Where can I buy one?

There are many places you can buy an Apple Mac - specialist resellers such as MacWarehouse and PC World, leading internet retailers Amazon and eBay and also an ever increasing number of high street retailers such as Saverstore, Currys, Dixons and John Lewis who also sell Macs.We have put together a Mac price comparison page checking prices from all these sources to find the best deals for you.

What about secondhand Macs?

Secondhand can be an attractive option, saving you the initial depreciation that happens as soon as you open the box, and if you buy a fairly new secondhand Mac, all the manufacturer's warranty will still be in place so you will be fully covered in the event of any faults. If you're prepared to go slightly older, you can often pick up some real bargains with last year's model going for a fraction of it's original price. eBay is of course one of the best places to find secondhand Mac bargains and we have created a page that searches eBay for you to find the best deals on secondhand Macs for sale. Our unique filtering system trawls through the eBay database selecting only the most relevant offers and best deals to save you time.

More information

For more detailed information about the Apple Macintosh including it's technology, history and specifications there is a great article about the Macintosh on Wikipedia.